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David Blaine Today

"If a man hasn't found something that he would die for, he isn't fit to live."  -Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 

David Blaine never failed to push the envelope.  Like a modern day Houdini, he promoted his reputation by defying death repeatedly through public endurance tests.  In 1999, he publicized the debut of a second television special (David Blaine: Magic Man) by burying himself alive for seven days in a plexi-glass coffin.   

Within the narrow see-through coffin, he would live underground (for the whole world to see) without food and almost no water.  Two years later, to promote Blaine: Frozen in Time, he would encase himself in a six-ton block of ice for three days and three nights.  He had room to move in the block but a lot.  He escaped frostbite and the chance of severe blood-clots in his feet.  Most recently, in David Blaine: Vertigo Blaine leapt from a 90-foot high pillar into a pile of cardboard boxes, after balancing on it for nearly three days.  He executed the stunt flawlessly. 

Blaine products available on the market...

David Blaine: Fearless DVD contains only a best of "Street Magic", Magic Man" and "Frozen in Time". It also contains all the unseen/bonus footage of the above 2 DVDs (minus the DVD production footage and commentary). And has a few newspaper articles. contains only a best of "Street Magic", Magic Man" and "Frozen in Time". It also contains all the unseen/bonus footage of the below 2 DVDs (minus the DVD production footage and commentary), and has a few newspaper articles. Within this video, Blaine performs a card effect through the television screen, and interactive menus enable the spectator to choose scenes just by thinking about them.  Other special features include a 'Behind the Scenes' look for his Vertigo stunt and newspaper clippings for other endurance tests.  The disc is jam packed with hidden features as well to keep hardcore fans entertained. 

David Blaine Mystifier DVD "Mystifyer" contains the full length "Street Magic" and Magic Man" TV shows plus some unseen footage as a bonus.

"Showman" DVD contains the full length "Frozen in Time" TV shows plus some unseen footage, DVD production footage and a commentary by David.

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David recently published his new book, Mysterious Stranger: A Book of Magic.  Within its pages are hidden codes and secrets to find a map which apparently leads to a buried treasure of $10,000.  The book's content is very educating, as it gives accurate accounts of magic history as well as his own personal life stores and opinions. 

Many people in modern history have influenced Blaine.  He studied intellectual thinkers such as Machiavelli, Dostoyevsky, and even Albert Einstein.  His stunts have also put new meaning into his life to play the role in society he does today.  In David Blaine: Vertigo, he openly eats a snake to get rid of a city boy's fears.  He currently attempts being a selfless individual, inspiring others to overcome their fears in life as well as their personal flaws.  Although his simple name comes from common ground, David Blaine will never be forgotten.

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