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e l l u s i o n i s t

Changes happening...
“The unnatural… That is too natural.”
- Goethe

When David Blaine reached his late teens, his aspirations spread to other areas of entertainment. Not only interested in magic and illusion, he developed a sincere passion for the dramatic arts as well. David would take several acting classes to further his education in such areas, and was eventually featured on local commercials and daytime television in minor roles.

His family life had changed as well. His mother remarried a wealthy banker, John Bukalo, who would eventually move the family to New Jersey. Here, David’s younger half-brother, Michael, was born. Due to his love for acting, David would move back to New York on his own to attend a major drama school, the Neighborhood Playhouse.

While struggling to survive in New York City, David claimed to be lightheaded and sick. His physician found nothing wrong with him after a thorough check-up. Eerily, David gave the doctor the most haunting stare he could create, and pulled two large bricks from his jacket pockets. He dropped the heavy rocks to the floor, and the doctor’s jaw dropped in bewilderment. His eyes widened in disbelief. He witnessed the most paranormal sight he ever experienced. His patient levitated several inches off the floor, until he was hovering a full foot in the air.

After seeing how his magic could affect even extremely educated men of various professions, David Blaine felt he could get somewhere with his talent. He wanted to show his skill to the world with a new, gritty flavor and intrigue. He wanted to display how his ability to create illusion could shock real audiences in spontaneous places. As an actor, he wanted to play the part of a real magician… the lone wolf, the man from afar, the mysterious stranger.

The Underground
“Nothing is too small to know, and nothing is too big to attempt.” -William Van Home

Several years later, David Blaine started to work in high-class restaurants in Hell’s Kitchen in Manhattan. Here, he performed amazing magic while serving tables and waiting on regular patrons. He watched as his reputation grew and he began to earn several hundred dollars in tips each night.

The combination of tips and acclaim boosted Blaine’s confidence and he began socializing with anyone he met. Before he knew it, his raw form of magic began to attract famous personalities to the places he was employed in. His underground reputation spread like wildfire among well-known celebrities like Robert DeNiro, Sean Puffy Combs (Puff Daddy), and Leonardo DiCaprio – and they began to stop by to witness his unique performances.

Quietly dating stars like Fiona Apple, model Josie Maran and Madonna put him in every gossip column of city magazines.

On one occasion, he made a restaurant customer choose any card from a normal deck and sign his name across its face. The man then sandwiched his card between his palms as tightly as he could, as David showed a different card on top of the pack. Without any suspicious moves or obvious sleight of hand, the two cards instantly switched places. After the customer left for home, he actually waited outside in the cold until David’s night shift ended. He approached David to personally thank him for the feeling the magic had given him.

Around this time, Patrice White found out she had ovarian cancer. The woman David loved and who had inspired David to take up magic at an early age was dying. She refused to change her lifestyle in spite of the illness but would continue supporting David through his goals and dreams to become a successful entertainer. Her drive and ambition gradually stopped cancerous tumors for a long period of time, but in 1994, she died at the age of 48. Until her dying day, she donated to charity, helped the poor, and lived a life of compassion and generosity.

Her son David Blaine was devastated.

The death of his mother would leave him feeling tremendous loss and yet produce a driving will to succeed as an entertainer. Magic was always something David shared with Patrice, and would remain a spiritual way to keep in touch with her even after death. David began performing close-up magic at private parties and overseas resorts, expanding his venue. During this time, he met and became friends with other professional magicians Paul Harris, Bill Kalush, and David Williamson, who would all consult his future street magic projects.

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