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Did You Know?

Blaine had never performed street magic before videotaping it for ABC.

David Blaine Street Magic

David Blaine Magic

Blaine's ability to perform magic
David Blaine magic is real, close-up, and in your face. He takes ordinary objects and performs the impossible with them.

David Blaine Street Magic
Blaine performed his brand of magic on his first Street Magic special in 1997. He played the character of a mystical wanderer, walking up to anyone who would watch him and performing a rare "in your face" breed of magic called street magic.

Reactions to David Blaine's Magic
One of the most common reactions to Blaine's magic is running away. After Blaine pulled the swallowed thread from his stomach people ran in every direction. (See pictures at left). The other common reaction to David Blaine's magic is standing still in complete disbelief (see child on the right).

Understanding David Blaine Magic
To understand Blaine's magic you need to read books on magic and sleight of hand or gain access to a web site that is willing to teach you. Part of the reason Blaine's magic works so well is that he doesn't worry too much about methods, preferring to stay in touch with his spectator in the moment for a degree of intimacy. The methods are really secondary.

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