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Magician Paul Harris is managing and researching the effects David will perform in his next Special - much work must be done to find the exact right performance pieces for Blaine
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Shatter - David holds hands with some spectator's at a dinner table, and a glass of wine explodes. 

Nail board - David hammers a nail all the way through a board with his bare -hand.

Melt - A woman's watch is stolen by David and appears in a jewelry store window. David then puts his hand through the glass and grabs the watch, with the window still intact.

On fire - David sets his fingers on fire to lit the cigarette of two girls and then he eats a cigarette.

Healed 'n' Sealed - A stranger's empty crushed beer can is visually changed into a full beer.

Fear - A young boy's fear is snakes is overcome by David eating a small snake and it reappearing in the boy's backpack.


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