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In the Street Special Blaine wore serveral Calvin Klein t-shirts as he performed... by the time the Magic Man Special came around he was wearing Gucci and other designer clothes and performing for Tyra Banks
There was a point when David was encased in ice that he had started to think he was dead.


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The Flaming Book One of two great pieces of mentalism Blaine performed on the show. A book sets on fire and there is the initial of the bystander. Very COOL !!!

Card in Basketball A card selected by Knick's is found to be inside a Basket Ball.

Changing Signature - David borrowed a dollar bill from a stranger, had him look at the signatures that are on the lower part of the bill (as all US currency has) and proceeded to change one signature into the initials of the spectator.

Ring in Bottle -David borrowed a lady's wedding band, only to accidentally drop it into the sewer grate! It's later found about 20 feet behind the crowd, on the ground, in a bottle. The neck of the bottle is so narrow that David had to break the bottle to get the ring out. (wonder how it got in)

Pigeon Resurrection - David magically revives a dead bird lying on the ground. 

The Snake - David produces a live snake from a borrowed baseball cap.

Many reaction shots - This is Blaine's trademark and I'm glad he did this. Here, at this point in the show, was a small montage of reaction shots.

Face Tattoo - A man thinks about a person he knows - his girlfriend. David, sets his shirt on fire and puts it out when a hole forms. Under the hole is a Tattoo of a face - a girl - the face of the bystander's girlfriend!

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