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David Blaine's Levitation  Information and Pictures  
Blaine had never performed street magic before videotaping it for ABC.


David Blaine Street Magic


Have you ever wanted to learn street magic like the kind David Blaine performs?

Even though David Blaine has achieved legendary status for his stunts, he is even more legendary for his street magic performances. In May, 1997, David Blaine's first TV special aired, and magic hasn't been the same since.

His secret: Blaine cared about the spectators.

Before, magic shows would show the magician striking a pose after finishing a trick. But not Blaine. He turned the camera onto the spectators and show honest, awestruck moments. He made deep connections with people through simple sleight of hand.

That's why you're interested in magic, isn't it?

Maybe you saw Blaine do that crazy trick with the watch, where the hands spun out of control, and wanted to learn the secret. But it's more likely that you saw spectators react to that watch, and thought, "I could get those kind of reactions." You're right.

You can learn street magic with Ellusionist's "How to Do Street Magic."

  • Professional magicians, including David Blaine and Criss Angel, are using more street magic in their performances, because it is more realistic and audiences demand it.
  • Street magic is powerful because it uses common objects to create impossibly realistic illusions.
  • Street magic can be done with watches, playing cards, coins, dollar bills and or water bottles.
  • The sleight of hand used for these illusions is time-tested and designed in such a way that you can use borrowed objects.
Your journey into the world of street magic begins with "How to Do Street Magic." 25-year performance veteran Brad Christian will perform a variety of different illusions for real spectators, then break each one down in the studio. You'll learn all the ins and outs of each move, right down to Christian's experience-developed tips. Time flies as you watch the video, because you feel like you're right there in the studio, peering up close at Christian's hands. But that's just the beginning. Ellusionist offers a vast library of different tricks, props and custom decks of playing cards; whatever fits your performance persona. Whether you're interested in card tricks, coin tricks or kids magic, you will find many new effects to keep your audiences breathless for a long time.



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