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Criss Angel's and David Blaine's   R I V A L R Y . . . . . . read more in the NEWS section

david blaine levitate
David Blaine's Levitation  Information and Pictures  
Blaine had never performed street magic before videotaping it for ABC.

David Blaine Vs. Criss Angel

David Blaine's Levitation


We are watching a new age of magic, thanks to Criss Angel. David Blaine started it with his special, "David Blaine: Street Magic," and Angel upped the ante with his dark, grisly "Mindfreak."

Now, people are clamoring for more magic than ever before. They wonder who would win in Criss Angel vs David Blaine. They wonder why Criss Angel hates David Blaine enough to do that satire, or why Blaine hasn't impersonated Angel yet.

Its not just those two. With NBC's "Phenomenon," "America's Got Talent" and VH-1's "CelebraCadabra," there has never been more magic available on TV.

That's because audiences love magic -- especially the new wave of street magic being performed by Criss Angel & David Blaine. In those shows, you see exactly how much people love it when they give loud, amazed reactions.

You can deliver those same kind of performances.

Ellusionist's "How to Do Street Magic" will teach you many of the basics with more than 20 jaw-dropping effects you can take to the street.

  • Audiences are clamoring for more street magic, because it is impossibly realistic.
  • Criss Angel, David Blaine and other professionals are putting more street magic into their TV specials, because fans and customers are demanding it.
  • Good street magic looks more realistic than anything done on a stage, underneath stage lighting or with special effects.
  • Street magic is performed with simple sleight of hand and common objects, such as playing cards, money and water bottles.

Imagine slamming a salt shaker through a table. Or making a chosen card disappear, then reappear wherever you command. You could make a coin appear in a sugar packet. Or take a folded, borrowed card and make it impossibly flip in a confined space, right in front of your spectators' eyes. Picture the amazement on their faces when you perform these miracles. They will never look at you the same way again.

People want to see more magic. All they need is someone courageous enough to put in the time, dedication and practice, then perform. They are waiting for someone to knock their socks off. Don't disappoint them.

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