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David Blaine has been near to death in more than one of his stunts... many worry that he has a death wish which is expressed in his stunts
trick list from Street Magic by David Blaine


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David Blaine Trick List : Street Magic

Balducci Levitation – David Floats into the air for a brief moment and comes back down and is a little dizzy.

Riffle Thought/Snap Change - David Riffles through the cards and asks a spec to think of a card. The magician then picks up a single card and says “This isn’t your card this is a wild card Think of your card” The wild card instantly changes into the card thought of.

Rising Card- David lets a spectator pick a card. David then asks for the card to be placed on top of the deck and then he cuts the deck placing the card somewhere in the middle. The deck is placed into the box and handed to the spectator. The spectator’s card then mysteriously rises out of the box.

Torn And Transposed Card- a signed card is torn into quarters then put on top of the deck. The card that is torn then disappears. The spectator then looks at the top card and it is the signed card as if nothing had happened

2 Card Monte – Two queens turn into two aces

Cigarette through Quarter - David passed a cig right thru the center or a coin.

Twisted Arm – David manages to twist his arm 360 degrees.

Coin Bite- David borrows a coin bites a piece of in plane view and spits it back together.

Raven – David shows his hands empty after placing a quarter on a spectators hand then makes a few passes over the specs hand and the coin vanishes.

Card Predictions – David ask people to think of any card. Then after concentrating he names the card.

Hindu Thread – a piece of thread is broken into several pieces then made into a ball. David pulls the ball apart and the string is back together.

Card in Mouth – a spectator selects a card. And placed into the middle of the deck David tried to find the card behind his back but says it is had because he can’t see the cards. He brings the deck out from behind his back and says is it this one? After a couple of times of failing David begins to cough. He coughs so hard he coughs a card out of his mouth. And amazingly it is the specs card.

Number thought of- David asks a spec top think of a number and he amazingly says the correct number.

Double card prediction- to predict one card is hard but David manages to predict 2 cards at once.

Invisible Deck – The spectator is handed a deck of cards and is asked to think of any card he/she wants. Then David takes the deck of cards out of the box and spreads through them. Amazingly there is only one card face down in the deck the spectator's card.

Here then There - the spec picks a card David then hands the spec there card lets say it was the 8 of spades. He asks the spec to then cover his/her hands over the card like a sandwich. David then shows another card say the 10 of hearts he then asks them to remember both cards then in that split second David shows the card in his hand to be the 8 of spades he then asks the spec to turn the card over in there hand and it is the 10 of hearts.

Instant Re-play/Simple switch – cards are shot back and forth from the left hand to the right hand. David then turns the top card over on the deck and asks the spec to remember the 3 of hearts. He then takes the 3 of hearts in his right hand had says watch Bang. You didn’t see it but it shot turns the card over in his hand and it is the jack of spades lets say and he turns the card over on the deck and it is the 3 of hearts.

Card to Pocket- David asks a little girl to pick a card. She picks the queen of diamonds the card is then lost in the deck and the little girl is asked to check her pockets and the queen is found in her back pocket.

Hot Shot Cut - the 2 black aces are taken out of the deck and handed to a spectator to hold onto. David then asks another spectator to pick a card. The spec picks the 2 of clubs .The 2 of clubs is placed back into the middle of the deck. David then takes the aces and says I know were your card is it is 20 second from the top. He then cuts 22 cards and a card shoots out of the deck and is caught between the 2 aces. The card that was caught was the 2 of clubs.

Ambitious Card – a card is selected and signed and placed into the middle of the deck and with a snap of the fingers the card comes to the top of the deck.

Card through Window – a card is selected and placed into the deck and shuffled. The deck is then tossed at a window. And one card sticks to the window the specs card. BUT wait there’s more its on the other side of the glass.

Watch Steal- David hands a guy 2 cards and says watch the cards will switch places he counts to a number named by a spec and the cards don’t seem to have changed spots but sense the guy was a good sport David had a treat for him David reaches into his own pocket and pulls out the guys watch.

Card Stab- David hands a spec a new pack of card never been open. The spec is then asked to shuffle the cards face up so that everyone can see there is nothing wrong with the cards. Then the spec is asked to shuffle them face down. David then asks the spectator to spread the cards all over the table face down and pick one card. The spectator then shows everyone the card except for David. The card is then places back onto the table then the cards are gathered up again and shuffled by the spectator. The cards are then again spread all over the table. David then asks for a menu and places it over the cards. He then takes a knife and stabs the table and tips the table over and there is one card that the knife is going threw it is the specs card.


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