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David Blaine falls short of the world-record 8 minutes and 58 seconds underwater. His final time: 7 minutes and 8 seconds.


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1. Full Name - The performer’s full name is said to be David Blaine White. This may be based upon the assumption he went under his mother’s last name as a child, Patrice White.

2. Birthday – David Blaine was born on April 04, 1973 in Brooklyn, New York. He is currently 29 years old.

3. David Blaine unfortunately never knew his biological father. Instead, his mother remarried to a banker named John Bukalo. This accepted, loving marriage brought forth Blaine’s half brother, Michael.

4. Blaine’s first effect is said to be the Cigarette Through Card. His mother purchased it for him at a Disney magic shop in Florida, while visiting an aunt for the Summer.

5. As a teenager, Blaine created the eccentric character the public most commonly sees in him. Intrigued by acting and theatre, he always strived to be the center of attention.

6. As a teenager, Blaine already appeared on several commercials and soap operas on daytime television.

7. David Blaine currently has three DVD’s out on the international market and a best selling book. In the UK, Blaine has produced Mystifier and Showman—a compilation of his first three national television specials: Street Magic; Magic Man; Frozen in Time. In the US, Blaine featured all three specials on a single DVD entitled Fearless. There are currently two different versions of his book, Mysterious Stranger, which apparently leads the path to a buried treasure in the USA through codes and hidden symbols.

8. Blaine has been said to date some of the hottest names in the business: Fiona Apple, Madonna, and Josie Maran just to name a few.

9. Blaine is known to have created solid friendships with Robert De Niro, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jack Nicholson, and other major actors, using his magic.

10. David Blaine looks up to several magicians for their support and company throughout his productions. One of which is Paul Harris, a respectable icon in the magic community who currently walks all throughout the USA, searching for the meanings of astonishment. Ever since his home burned down with all his belongings, Harris has lived out an extreme life of which Blaine attempts to convey throughout the specials. Harris actually aided Blaine in creating the “urban shaman” approach to connect with total strangers—Blaine talks of Harris in his critically acclaimed book, “Mysterious Stranger.”

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"There are 52 cards in a deck....Choose one"

DAVID BLAINE TRICKS performed on Drowned Alive -->

1. David asks a spectator to think of a playing card. The man agrees that he has one in his mind, when suddenly his cell phone rings. David asks who it is. The man looks at his phone to see that the phone call came from none other than his selected card. He shows the display of his phone to the camera. It reads "Four Of Diamonds". This effect can be found here: http://www.ellusionist.com/Blaine/Tricks/Phoneomenon-by-Doug-McKenzie_Blaine.php
2. David riffles through a deck of cards, asking a young girl to see one as the cards go by. She verifies that she has selected one. David hands the cards to the girl and tells her that her card is now gone. Gasps are heard as she spreads the pack with no sign of her card. It has indeed vanished. David then takes half of the deck and drops it on the sidewalk. The half-pack shatters into pieces leaving only the thought-of-card.
3. The magician finds himself performing in a high security prison. He asks one of the inmates to think of a card as he spreads the deck. He then hands a card to the man and tells him that it's his card. To David's dismay, he is wrong. Blaine points to the Queen Of Spades, the card the inmate is holding, and asks if she knows what his card is. Upon closer examination, the Queen is seen to be holding the Four Of Spades - the chosen card. This effect is built into David's deck, which can be found here: http://www.ellusionist.com/order/Split-Spades-Playing-Cards-David-Blaine.php
4. After the cards are returned to the performer, one of the inmates asks if he's able to bend metal - the bars of the prison for example. David walks over to the bars and begins to pull on them. Sure enough, they bend. The biggest guys in the prison couldn't even do it!
5. David approaches two gorgeous women who are gambling at the Palm's Casino in Las Vegas. He asks if they like roulette. Turns out they do. David gives them $100 to place bets with and has them each choose a color. The first chooses Black, the second Black, then David chooses Red. The first lady chooses Black once again. Then the next girl Red. The bets were to be placed as follows - BBRBR. Each color hits perfectly, leaving the women with $3,600.
6. Blaine finds himself in front of a restaurant. He borrows an onlooker's wine glass and bites off a chunk of it, chewing then swallowing. The wine glass is handed out for examination.
7. He asks the same lady if she'd like to see something with her teeth. She agrees and David reaches into her mouth and pulls out a single tooth. Blood is seen, and the woman begins to rub her tongue where her tooth once was. Before she has a chance to scream, David visually blows the tooth back into place and all is back to normal. A version of this effect using a coin can be found here: http://www.ellusionist.com/order/Quarter-Bite-Trick-David-Blaine.htm?cat=175
8. The famous Self-Tying Shoelace is one of David's favorites. The performers shoelace is seen to be untied. David shakes his shoe and the shoelace visually ties itself. All can be examined. This effect can be found here: http://www.ellusionist.com/Blaine/Tricks/Self-Tying-Shoe-Laces-Blaine.html



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>>> David Blaine DROWNED ALIVE News:
Blaine's final breath-holding attempt: 7 minutes, 8 seconds

Blaine's final underwater attempt was short of the world-record (8 minutes, 58 seconds), but Blaine succeeded in demonstrating his rock-solid focus and absolute dedication to his craft.

Chained to the bottom of the sphere aquarium in Lincoln Center, Blaine remained absolutely motionless for the first five minutes of the stunt. This inactivity had the objective of conserving energy and oxygen. At the five minute mark exactly, Blaine slowly began to escape from the chains that bound him to the bottom of the tank.

After escaping from the 150+ pounds of solid steel chains, Blaine stood back upright in the tank as he held his breath as long as possible. He began to tremble. He began to twitch. And after an excruciating 7 minutes underwater, Blaine exhibited signs of distress.

His emergency dive team stormed the tank and immediately brought him to the surface. He was still and motionless. With the aid of oxygen, he gradually regained his composure enough to address the crowd and the people of New York City-- his home, his life, and his audience.


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3. Feature Film: Trick Monkey

Synopsis: A young magician takes lessons from an enigmatic master who sees magic as an art form. But the student is forced to squander his talents on simple card cheating in order to pay off a debt.

Robert Deniro owns the rights to Trick Monkey and Leonardo DiCaprio has been mentioned for a role (this turned out to be false as he and Blaine had a falling out and are not on speaking terms).

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David Blaine Josie Maran Model Josie Maran was David Blaine's girlfriend after Fiona Apple. David Blaine and Madonna have also been linked.



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