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David Blaine's Levitation  Information and Pictures  
Blaine had never performed street magic before videotaping it for ABC.


Street magician David Blaine has accomplished phenomenal stunts in his career. But he is more famous for his incredible, jaw-dropping magic effects and reviving the art of street magic.

His newest special, "David Blaine: Dive of Death," was filled with both. He hung upside down for 60 hours, which concluded during a primetime special on ABC. His special was filled with incredible coin magic that left spectators screaming and going crazy.

Did you see David Blaine bend a coin in "Dive of Death?" You could do the same type of effect with the Superman Coin Bend. Imagine taking any coin from a spectator, having them sign it, then bending it right in front of their eyes. It's impossible. No one is strong enough to do that. Except you.

You can learn how David Blaine bends a coin with his bare hands. You can perform incredible coin magic similar to David Blaine. And you can get reactions just like he does.

Your journey starts with Ellusionist's "How to Do Street Magic."

  • Spectators like street magic, as opposed to more traditional magic, because it is done with everyday items, such as coins and dollar bills.
  • Magicians prefer street magic such as good coin magic because it is more believeable and gets incredible reactions.
  • Ellusionist's "How to Do Street Magic" will teach you several incredible routines, including many basic sleight of hand moves.
  • When you purchase Ellusionist's "How to Do Street Magic," you'll also receive a free black deck of Ellusionist playing cards and an amazing levitation effect.

Think about it. You can do incredible coin tricks and other effects. You can make a coin appear wherever you command, make the ashes of a chosen, burnt card appear on your arm and make a salt shaker pass completely through a table. You can leave people gobsmacked and awestruck. Think about how your friends would react when you amazed them with some simple coin magic, mixed with your personality.

Once you've mastered the basics, you'll be ready to explore Ellusionist's vast library of coin magic, including David Blaine's quarter bend revealed and taught by a performance master.

You can learn a David Blaine coin bend and more incredible coin magic. You can leave specators in disbelief and amazement. Just like David Blaine.


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